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2. Design phase

  The design phase is based on your business and based on its size and budget, the goals and performance requirements are defined. The solution  will bring the ideal combination of printer, software and process development to create maximum return on investment.

• Design solutions: With a complete software portfolio, we improve workflows, system control, resource efficiency and document security.

• Fleet design: We propose the most suitable devices and undertake the installation and installation aiming at the optimal productivity of the users.

  3. Implementation phase

  Professional project management and highly skilled technicians ensure minimal downtime - from installation to user training.

Our implementation priority is to have the least impact on your day-to-day business - minimizing downtime. That is why the application is supervised by a professional project management team and is performed by highly specialized technicians and engineers.

4. Management phase

  The change management service helps simplify the use of the solution to increase end-user productivity and your satisfaction with state-of-the-art methodology techniques, to ensure that the benefits of KYOCERA MDS are realized quickly and efficiently.

Kyocera MDS phases

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