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  KYOCERA MDS solutions optimize your work environment in five flexible, carefully designed phases. Adapted to the size and unique requirements of your business, the process begins with identifying weaknesses in your current infrastructure, before customized solutions are implemented, to achieve cost reduction and continuous performance improvement.

  1. Evaluation phase

  Detailed data analysis for current document output. A report is provided that highlights print reductions, in line with improved workflow and reduced environmental impact. This includes an evaluation of your entire print fleet, as well as an inspection of the printed documents. Using specific metrics, our evaluation phase identifies all areas of waste and low productivity in your organization. The result  show exactly where money can be saved and processes can be optimized.

  In the context of evaluation, we analyze the following key areas:

  Finances: Understand exactly where the money is spent.

  Appliances & Consumables: Their efficiency, suitability and maintenance costs.

  Workflows: Productivity can be improved through more intelligent software.

  Documents: How efficiently and securely they are printed, stored, managed and distributed.

  Environmental Impact: Where you can save energy .

Kyocera MDS phases

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